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Our third generation brushless for motion control.

Designed with ultimate technologies, employing the most recent manufacturing techniques, protected by international patents, the bundle Tetra Compact-E is conceived for the manufacturers whose first target is equipping their machines with highest motion control performances.


The Tetra Compact-E bundle is the outcome of the perfect integration in design and manufacturing of newest generation brushless servomotor and digital drive, perfectly harmonized to provide highest performances and characteristics. The bundle is provided with an absolute 20-bit encoder, whose technology is native and patented, featuring a very robust working and allows the absolute control of positioning, without burdening costs.

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Motor Power Company has accomplished the Tetra Compact-E bundle with the purpose of providing immediate and easy-to-use answer for a wide range of motion control requirements over the market.
The long term experience in automation has reinforced the consciousness of Tetra Compact-E being the right product to manage any kind of motion over several industrial areas. There is no limit in employing the bundle technology.

Manufacturing Plant

After almost 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing automation components and solutions, Motor Power Company has managed the full design project, production and validation of the new manufacturing plant totally dedicated to Tetra Compact-E bundle. The modern and efficient plant performs highly automate manufacturing, fully controlled in every single phase of production and guaranteed by the deep know how of Motor Power Company.

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Motor Power Company is specialized in design and manufacturing of highly performing solutions for motion control.
Our products based on direct drive and brushless technology, our drives and control and our mechatronic solutions are the result of a project and production concept totally developed by Motor Power Company.

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